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Last Updated: 11/30/2020
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Coronavirus (COVID 19): Tips To Stay Safe Including Knowing Your Quarantine Group

Currently, there have been 13 million people infected with coronavirus in the U.S. alone, and this number is growing significantly each day. The total number of Covid-19 deaths continues to climb. The U.S. currently has had 264,000 people die from the virus since March 2020. It seems almost impossible not to talk or hear about coronavirus each day. The news is continually reporting it - every time you walk into a store or a restaurant or are otherwise in public, put on a mask and wash your hands frequently for twenty seconds. No matter what you seem to do, somehow, you are reminded that we are undergoing a global pandemic. So let's go over what exactly coronavirus is, safety tips to keep you safe during the pandemic, and how to help make sure you are making smart, safe decisions on choosing your quarantine group members.

What is COVID-19, and How Does It Infect Us?

The Center for Disease Control explains that Covid-19 is a respiratory illness that is caused by a coronavirus. Covid-19 spreads from person to person by tiny droplets. These droplets can be dispersed by coughs, sneezes, singing, talking, and yelling. Studies performed at the University of Rochester explains that SaRS-Cov-2, an RNA virus, causes the coronavirus.

The best way to understand covid-19 is by understanding how our DNA and RNA work. Humans contain DNA, which is our genetic instructions located in our cell nucleus. Those genetic instructions are then put into copies forming RNA. RNA helps spread the rest of our genetic code information throughout our bodies by using amino acids to deliver this information to our ribosomes. These ribosomes then help place our amino acids together, forming proteins that will help carry out any functions our body needs to do.

The Covid-19 virus tricks our protein synthesis system in our body into thinking it is our actual RNA strands. Once the covid-19 virus enters our bodies, it releases its fake RNA into our system, creating viral proteins that can hurt our immune system. The virus then produces copies of itself and spreads those copies all over our bodies. Covid-19 symptoms can be either very mild to asymptomatic (meaning you do not have any symptoms, but you have the virus) or lead to extreme illness and even death. People with serious pre existing heath conditions, also called comorbidities, such as obesity, asthma, cancer, lung disease, heart disease and diabetes are at much more risk to have serious complications from the virus. People in good heath and children are at a much lower risk from serious complications, although they may still spread the virus to those that are much more vulnerable to serious illness from the virus.

Prevention Tips To Stay Safe Against Covid-19

It is essential to educate yourself and your loved ones on the virus and what prevention techniques you can practice to stop the spread. The first and best practice is to do social distancing. Social distancing is where you stay away from anyone that is not a part of your household. This means avoiding parties, not shopping at non-essential stores, and not going to restaurants, bars, and gyms.

The CDC recommends that everyone wears a face mask whenever they go out into a public setting and stay 6 feet apart from each other. However, if someone coughs or sneezes and they are not wearing a mask, those particles can travel up to twenty-seven feet, so keep that in mind when standing near people. That is why it is critical to wear a mask to protect yourself and others because the virus can spread such far distances. As you may have noticed, N95 masks have not been available since March due to the high demand for protective gear. The government has tried to reserve those masks specifically for our healthcare workers because they are working on the front lines to fight this virus. However, wearing a cloth mask is an option for the public to use when going on small outings, according to the Center for Disease Control. You can buy cloth masks off of Amazon, Walmart, and even your local grocery stores. Many people have even begun making their own, which is another idea.

The next best thing to do is wash your hands frequently in warm water. Twenty seconds is proven to be the correct amount of time it takes to wash any lingering virus droplets off your hands. The CDC also has claimed that you can get the virus by touching a surface that contains the virus on it. Be cautious of where you place your hands on things, and keep them away from your face. But do keep in mind that this is not the primary way people catch the virus, which is breathing in tiny droplets in the air which contain the virus. Overall, the best way to keep yourself safe is to stay home, avoid anyone outside your household, and wear a mask whenever you do go out in public.

What About A Quarantine Group To Beat The Isolation Blues

No matter if you live alone or live with your family, it is likely you have a quarantine group. A quarantine group is a set of people who agree to stay away from other people that are not a part of the quarantine group. A social “bubble.” According to the Center for Disease Control, it is best to create a group of less than ten. If it gets bigger, you might be adding too many risk factors. Quarantine groups are an important way to help you feel less lonely during these isolating times. However, not everyone has ten friends to make a quarantine group. So to keep things interesting, you and your friends might ask people outside your small circle to join. Some people added to your group may be friends of your friends that you do not know directly.

So what do you do? Run An Instant, Confidential Background Check.

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