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Last Updated: 12/18/2020
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How To Find And Reconnect With Lost Family And Organize A Family Reunion

Like many of us, have you had a disagreement or argument with a family member that resulted in losing touch and not speaking for years? Well, situations like that happen to all of us. For example, perhaps you had a falling out with your Grandma many years ago, maybe over something unimportant, but since then you keep thinking about how she is getting older as time goes by. You are worried about her health. You want to make amends and reconnect with your family before it’s too late. But unfortunately, your Grandma has moved several times and has changed her phone number, so how can you find her?

The great news is that new, advanced people search platforms make finding old family members a snap. One of the latest and best is, an advanced people search engine that instantly searches nearly one Billion public records online and offline to track down your Grandma, including her home address, phone number, email, photos, and much more. This advanced search engine will help you obtain any contact information you need to speak with her again, and the search is always 100% confidential.

How To Find Someone

One great solution to find someone you haven't talked to in a long time is using new, advanced people search technology to instantly and confidentially find the person you want to reconnect with. It's simple, highly effective, and inexpensive. Here's how it works: New, advanced people search engines give you instant and confidential access to nearly a BILLION public records on any person in the U.S. Here's how you use it:

  1. Go to and type in the first and last name of the person you are trying to locate (here, your grandma) and any location (city and state) that has ever been associated with her name.
  2. Instantly get a confidential report on the person, including a search for that person's age, addresses and address history, emails, phones, relatives, employment history, education history, social media profiles, criminal records, sex offender records, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, civil records, traffic and infraction records, licenses, permits, and much more. Obviously, this process works perfectly in ANY circumstance where you want to learn more or the truth about someone, from online dating to roommates and classmates, to new friends or romantic interests - the list goes on! For more information on the new advanced people search engines, check out this great video.

Being a bit afraid to reconnect with someone you had a falling out with is understandable. It is part of human nature. But keep in mind that you are showing a new side of yourself by taking these steps and the initiative. The worst your family member can do is ignore your call or tell you they do not want to speak to you. Yes, hearing something like that would be hurtful, but it may hurt more to know you never tried. It is better to go outside your comfort zone than to feel locked up inside.

If you were able to rekindle a lost connection, wouldn't you take the chance? Let's say it all ends up okay, and your Grandma is thrilled to hear your voice again and has been wanting to "bury the hatchet" just like you. Now you can start encouraging her to stay positive during these challenging times.

Communicating with your family, or in this case, your Grandma, is such a great way to build your sense of family pride. Our grandparents have so much to teach us and unique stories to share about their lives and your family's history. Do not let those opportunities go to waste if you have the ability and the technology to reconnect. Rekindling a lost connection does not need to be stressful. You may be worried: What do we talk about, it has been so many years! For this, we have some ideas to keep the conversation moving.

Some Ideas On Questions To Get The Ball Rolling On Your First Conversation In Years

  1. Why did your parents choose your name, is there a meaning behind it?
  2. What state were you born in? Did you ever move out of that state? If so, what age?
  3. What was your favorite subject to learn in school?
  4. What was your worst subject in school?
  5. What were some of your favorite games to play as a kid?
  6. Did you have any siblings?
  7. What was something your parents taught you and has stuck with you all this time?
  8. How did you and your friends have fun?
  9. What was your first job?
  10. Did you attend college?
  11. What were the limitations you had in your life?
  12. How did you meet your spouse?
  13. Did you enjoy your wedding?
  14. What year did you get your license?
  15. What brand was your first car?
  16. What places have you traveled to and explored?
  17. How important is a religion to you?
  18. If so, what religion are you?
  19. What do you love most about your children?
  20. What is your best memory of your children?
  21. What do you do when you are sad?
  22. What were your grandparent's personalities?
  23. What is an early memory you have?
  24. What is something in this world that makes you super happy?
  25. Did you ever own any pets?
  26. What is your favorite animal?
  27. Do you like to cook?
  28. What is your favorite recipe to cook?
  29. Who is your favorite artist?
  30. What was your favorite music to listen to as a kid, and has that changed?
  31. What do you think people of my generation could do more?
  32. Who was someone you admire?

Reconnecting with a lost family member does not need to be all about amending hurt wounds. Instead, it could help you collect old family heirlooms or even help create a family reunion. Let's say you are trying to gather up all your family members for a family photoshoot that will be a gift for a grandparent or great-grandparent. But where are all your family? They may be all across the state or even the country. Well, luckily, advanced people search engines like

GladiKnow can help! All you have to do is provide your family member's first and last names, and the search platform will do the rest. Organizing a family reunion has never been easier.

These new advanced people search technologies can also be a significant first step in finding a family heirloom - perhaps something unique and meaningful to you as a child. GladiKnow's advanced search engine gathers all the contact info on your family. Then you can make contact and ask about the heirloom. Genealogy sites like can also be a great resource. Another super resource for finding family members is the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (CAFG) that focuses on educating the public on forensic genealogy professions and what they can do in assisting you in finding family members. Now organizing family reunions and finding family members and heirlooms just got easier.



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