Hall Of Oversharing Video - VIDEO

Jeanann Grubbs Written by Jeanann Grubbs
Last Updated: 10/22/2020
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Welcome to the Hall of Oversharing. Right here in downtown “Internetville,” home to the best of the very worst that people for some reason like to share with the world. Like Kevin here. A new coach and parent at school. Creepy? You bet. But a simple, affordable check on GladiKnow, and you'll know. As it turns out, Kevin isn't creepy at all. He's just a “character,” as the other parents like to say. The truth is, the world wide “who cares” is full of too much information. Do I really need to know that you just left hot yoga? No, not really. The thing is, some people share way too much information, and others don't share enough. LIke Stuart here, your new neighbor. Is that his real name? Did he really just move here from Arizona? Here's a video that Amanda, my new roommate, thinks you want to see. What actually would be interesting is knowing whether Amanda took any fun videos while she was living in a correctional facility. And how about online dating? That's a hoot! Too late, ladies. I've already swiped right on all of them - before I checked them out on GladiKnow. Here's the deal, while oversharing can be pretty funny, it doesn't give us the whole picture on who people really are. Get peace of mind and rest assured with GladiKnow, at You'll be glad to know.

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