About Us

Why Glad I Know?

Do you have the full picture on the people in your life? The people around you and your loved ones? Every day, we all take simple, common sense steps to protect ourselves and our family from people we don’t know. But, what about people we do know, "sort of" or think we do? People we may let into our homes, and around our family. Trust your instincts? Of course. But, verify too. It's just a smart thing to do. A quick check on Glad I Know, and you'll know. It's simple, affordable, and always 100% confidential. Is the new parent, neighbor, roommate, co-worker, classmate, colleague, friend or romantic interest who they say they are? Who you think they are? Get peace of mind, and rest assured, with Glad I Know. You'll be glad to know.

What Is Glad I Know?

Glad I Know is a direct to consumer "person" search platform. Our technology simply and quickly connects you to one of the best and most comprehensive databases of information available on any person of interest – nearly any adult in the U.S. Hundreds of millions of records are searched and returned to you, typically in less than one second. The result is our Comprehensive Report which includes more than 30 individual search products, including criminal, sexual offender, civil, financial, property, address, contact, social, and phone records, all for $14.99 or less. And since your search is always 100% confidential, the only person who knows about your search and the results is you.